Posted on Oct 19, 2018

Party Strippers NYC and NJ

THINK OF US FOR and book us for - use as a Halloween Party Waitress NYC, we will add a touch of chic glamour, and playfulness. Need a Christmas Party cocktail server or two? We are also the number to call. We've been around since 1987 and are the world's premier reputed agency for hot talent to entertain at stylish jaunty, trendy parties. Mostly, we are known for having the world's most gorgeous Bachelor Party Strippers (for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut). Yet lesser known is that we also fill other roles for party events. How about Fantasy Football party babe or Ring Card girl for sports watching nites? or a Sexy Barmaid NYC? Yes yes yes, again we can help you with such. Corporate Party Server or Sexy Bartender is also on our roster. Thinking of putting your party on wheels? Roll with us and let our frisky sirens heat up the fun atmosphere. Party Bus Casino Trip to Atlantic City on your mind? We can serve you for that two, both with lively babes aboard for entertaining, and by providing the party bus. We do all of the above plus many other customized roles for party entertainment in the tristate metro area. Call us to talk ~~ 917-449-2727 ~~ Centerfold Stars: - NYC Strippers NYC.
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